Allan Emrén, PhD

Managing director of Nuchem Research AB

Research and publications

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My late wife and I when we visited Salzburg during a vacation. Advertising her death (dödsannons)
More info about Ingegerd

Our adventures during 2008.

One of my hobbies: our aircraft


In August 1999 we went with the aircraft to France in order to look at the total solar eclipse.
The weather was cloudy, but we were able to climb above the clouds into clear air, where it looked like above.
A description of the adventure (in Swedish).

Free stuff for you:
My annual adventure report
Software for aviation purposes.

Info about my beloved wife, Ingegerd, who died in 2012.
We met as teenagers, and where in love since then.
Panchreas cancer was found in her body, and a few months later she died.
We had a rich life together, with adventures of many kinds.
I still love her and miss her. Often I weep.
She was a pediatrician (children's doctor).
A high soprano and member of at two choirs, Hemsjökören and Falbygdens Oratoriekör. Besides that temporary member of choirs and song groups.
She was an excellent piano player.
Besides that she was interested in amateur theatre, riding, swimming, aquarel painting and travelling.
She was a leader of alpha courses, and involved in several charity projects.

Info about the aircraft
Type: Pierre Robin 100/210. Perhaps the best fixed gear four seater ever built.

Number of seats: 4
Max take off weight: 1250 kg, Max landing weigth: 1185 kg
Built 1974 in France
Engine: Continental IO360H, 210 hp, max 2800 RPM
Propeller: MC Cauley Constant speed.
Total time 2235 hours

Cruising speed (75% power) 140 knots (161 mph or 260 km/h)
Cruising speed (65% power) 130 knots (150 mph or 240 km/h)
Endurance (75% power): 10 hours
Endurance (65% power): 12 hours

The legal range is limited by the requirement for 45 minutes reserves.
Max legal range (75% power): 1295 nm (1500 miles or 2400 km)
Max range with reserves (65% power): 1460 nm (1700 miles or 2700 km)

Max side wind component: 22 knots
Stall speed clean 68 knots (78 mph or 125 km/h)
Stall speed landing config, full flaps 57 knots (66 mph or 105 km/h)

Double NAV/COM with VOR/ILS, ADF, DME, X-ponder mode C, GPS.
Autopilot coupled to VOR/ILS.


Info about myself.

Research and publications

My current research deals with origin of life, evolution, consciousness, as well as connection between science and theology.
Papers and reports
My critical view on the scientific publication system

Research activities:
Simulation of Darwin's mechanism for evolution.
Super Darwinian evolution.
Geochemical modelling
AutoPHREEQE Finds equilibrium in water / solid systems
CRACKER Simulates water flowing through a fracture and reacting chemically with the walls
Thermodynamics and kinetics
Consequences of detailed balancing
Negative pressures
MECMODEL Fast Molecular Dynamics simulation method using energy and momentum conservation to solve Newton's eqns.

Development of hyper text tools for teaching
CHEMBOND A tool demostrating elematary quantum mechanics and covalent bonds
ACIDRAIN A tool for teaching chemical equilibrium

Member of the Museum coordination group of the Swedish Chemistry Society.

Activities during my spare time:
Stock market: President and board member of RENIN AB, an investment company.

Song: Tenor. Member of the following choirs and song groups: Hemsjökören, Falbygdens Oratoriekör, and the Lerum Operett Association.
I am president of Lerums Operettsällskap (The Lerum Comic Opera Assosiation) . Besides that temporary member of other song groups.

When my mother died in 2006, I wrote a song to the memory her.

Other interests: Travelling, astronomy as well as the connection between science and theology.

Church host in the Hemsjö Church.